Aside from our core services, we are instructed to provide advice and assistance in a number of other areas, such as:

Prepaid funeral plans

Funerals can be expensive, costing perhaps several thousand pounds, and many people worry that when they die, they won’t leave enough money for their funeral. Furthermore, the cost of funerals is rising by on average 5% per year. With a funeral plan, you arrange and pay for it in advance.

We have access to the major providers of funeral plans – together with some smaller, local providers – and we can assist you with ensuring that the cost of your funeral is manageable for those you leave behind.

Please note that all prepaid funeral plan providers with whom Hutchinson Legal & Associates Limited has partnered have all had their applications to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority approved.

Training seminars and public speaking engagements

Over the last few years, Dr Paul Hutchinson has been brought in to provide training sessions on the subjects of estate planning and tax planning by a number of law firms, financial advisers and some of the largest financial institutions in the United Kingdom. Dr Hutchinson’s knowledge is passed on to help other firms be in a position to offer additional services to their clients in this field.

Any engagement/requirement is considered but sufficient notice must be given in order to allow Dr Hutchinson to prepare the relevant material.

Estate planning

There is no “one size fits all” solution for either individuals or business clients. A number of possible options – legal, financial, tax and accountancy – must always be considered. We have the ability to work with existing professional advisers to provide our services as part of an estate/succession planning exercise or, if our own contacts are required, we have the ability to make suitable recommendations.

Rest assured that, whatever the issue to resolve, we will have a solution within the services we can provide or bring in from our trusted contacts.

Contact Hutchinson Legal & Associates Limited on 01454 300 600 to discuss what we can do to help you.